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Recent Triumphs

Unanimous Jury Verdict in Federal Loan Servicing Trial!

The Ryan Firm’s first federal jury trial of 2024 was recently won by Attorney Mike Stoltzman via unanimous jury verdict. The case was filed against The Ryan Firm’s national loan servicing client in 2016 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California but was delayed by the District Court’s impacted motion schedule, and by the trial delays of the COVID 19 protocols of 2020-2022.  The lawsuit initially included thirteen causes of action for various tort claims, loan servicing violations, violations of California’s non-judicial foreclosure statutes and debt collection statutes.  Through aggressive pleadings challenges, most claims were eliminated, leaving just a few remaining causes of action for trial.  Mr. Stoltzman’s strategic motions in limine left only two causes of action for trial.  During trial, Mr. Stoltzman worked hand-in-hand with the office support team to provide numerous mid-trial briefs to the court to address issues that arose during trial.  After masterfully cross-examining Plaintiff’s witnesses, Mr. Stoltzman needed only 20 minutes to put on the defense case.  The jury deliberated for slightly over an hour before returning a UNANIMOUS verdict in favor of our client.

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