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Rosty G. Gore

Trial Team Manager & Shareholder

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Rosty G. Gore joined The Ryan Firm in August 2020. His practice focuses on real estate and mortgage lending litigation, with an emphasis on high-risk cases heading towards trial. Mr. Gore represents local and nationwide lenders, loan servicers and foreclosure trustees, and banks, as well as individual investors, property owners and developers, and business owners in a wide variety of civil litigation spanning all of California. Mr. Gore takes a detail-oriented, calculated, and thorough approach to his cases, and his strategies are designed to objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case, and to pin down the opposition through detailed argument crafting, comprehensive presentation of evidence grounded in a persuasive narrative, and aggressive cross-examination.

Mr. Gore graduated summa cum laude from UCLA in 2008 with a degree in English. In 2011, he received his J.D. from the University of Southern California (USC) Gould School of Law, with honors. He spent nearly a decade as lead trial counsel and senior associate at a Century City, CA firm specializing in the areas of education law, administrative and government law, employment law, and criminal defense. He represented hundreds, if not thousands of clients in administrative hearings, felony and misdemeanor jury trials, commission proceedings, writ of mandamus proceedings, appellate proceedings, criminal and employment misconduct investigations, and he litigated against some of the nation’s largest school districts and universities while advising individuals and businesses on legal matters. In these trenches of trial work, gritty misconduct cases, and work-performance cases, Mr. Gore developed his matter-of-fact style, attention to detail, and passion for narrative and evidence presentation. As he now represents many corporate clients, Mr. Gore focuses on telling a human story that helps a jury sympathize and understand the perspectives of business entities.

Mr. Gore is often called in to shepherd high-risk cases that require comprehensive investigation, narrative and evidentiary analysis, and a careful eye for detail. As such, he has been instrumental in turning around “sinking ship” cases which saw no path to victory. Among other accomplishments at The Ryan Firm, Mr. Gore has:

  • Settled numerous cases for vastly reduced amounts, wherein borrowers originally demanded millions of dollars (and would likely have obtained such at trial based on the evidence). Such borrowers typically alleged varied species of fraud against the investor, loan servicer, or foreclosure trustee, but Mr. Gore has often been successful in turning the narrative around to expose borrower fraud and negligence.

  • Put plaintiffs who were initially extremely aggressive back on the defensive, by employing aggressive counter-litigation tactics and motion practice, leading the plaintiffs to finally engage in reasonable settlement negotiations.

  • Routinely been solicited by The Ryan Firm to craft critical motions requiring immense detail and a winning narrative, which often proved pivotal to these cases.

  • Has repeatedly defeated borrowers’ allegations of negligence, fraud, and varied statutory violations by well-crafted motions to dismiss, demurrers, or motions for summary judgment.

  • Has repeatedly reduced the scope and exposure of damaging cases by targeted motions for summary judgment or other motion practice.

  • Has obtained numerous high-value (in the millions of dollars) properties for investors and corporate clients through strategic and aggressive unlawful detainer litigation.

  • This is in addition to a decade of nearly unbroken victories at trial and hearings at his prior education law, employment law, professional licensing and criminal defense firm.

In his private life, Mr. Gore – who is also a Russian Jewish refugee from the former Soviet Union and was a nearby resident of Kiev during the Chernobyl nuclear incident – spends his free time reading, studying history, science, and mathematics, writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, practicing martial arts, playing piano, guitar, and drums, participating in his local church community, travelling locally and internationally with his wife on any adventure they can find, and together raising their young son.

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