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Recent Triumphs

A $50,000 Collection Letter to our Client Turns into a $500,000 Victory

An elderly relative of one of The Ryan Firm’s corporate clients was pursued for a long term contract that he never signed.  Initially, the creditor demanded roughly $50,000 from the client, or be faced with aggressive collection efforts.  The Ryan Firm interceded with a polite demand that the creditor simply write off the contract, as it was obtained fraudulently, and to bother the client no more.  The creditor responded by providing telephone recordings purporting to show that the client affirmed his signature on the contract – and continued to demand payment in full.  The recordings were faked – as it was clearly not the client’s voice on the recordings.  Reluctantly, The Ryan Firm made the appropriate demands, and then sued under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Elder Abuse Statutes (among other claims).  The Ryan Firm immediately moved for trial preference and was provided a trial date within six months of filing its case.  Attorney Steven Rader’s condensed and pointed discovery, dogged follow-up and constant pressure yielded incredible results. During the very condensed discovery period, Mr. Rader was able to conclusively demonstrate that the telephone recordings were faked and the matter settled prior to trial with a settlement valued at over $500,000.  Mr. Rader’s intense efforts were aided by Rosty Gore’s complete demolition of the creditor’s person most knowledgeable at deposition.

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