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When the path to victory is unclear,




Will the Health & Safety Receivership Impact Your Lien?  Not if The Ryan Firm is on Your Team!

The super-priority nature of receivership liens can rob a lender of its entire security in a Health & Safety Code Violation Receivership. The Ryan Firm minimizes risk and maximizes recovery in these thorny matters.


Fraudulent Tenants Post-Foreclosure?  Let The Ryan Firm get you possession ASAP!

Holdover borrowers abuse the due process protections of our legal system to stay in property in contravention of the law, while at the same time monetizing that property to mount challenges to foreclosure sales.


Sued as a Private Mortgage Investor – Let The Ryan Firm Protect You!

One of The Ryan Firm’s most recent success stories involves representing nine individual investors against the private lender who invested their funds in a property that was foreclosed upon (allegedly) improperly.  



The Ryan Firm is a boutique litigation firm specializing in banking, real estate, business, and secured lending litigation. Started in 2004 by Timothy M. Ryan, The Ryan Firm represents some of the world’s largest financial institutions and local banks, businesses, and real estate firms. The Ryan Firm has a trial and appellate track record second to none and landmark mortgage banking opinions to its credit. Mr. Ryan’s early career experience working for Eastern District Bankruptcy Judge John Hedrick and spearheading a corporate reorganization group in private practice ensure that client litigation goals are not easily frustrated by adversary bankruptcies. Mr. Ryan’s personal involvement in each case ensures that clients receive the quality one expects from a larger firm, and the service demanded from a smaller firm. Attorneys at The Ryan Firm include seasoned litigators with significant trial experience and appellate advocates of unmatched abilities.


The Ryan Firm has one of the most successful appellate litigation practices in all of mortgage banking law, with significant and groundbreaking published opinions, and a near-undefeated appellate record, including reversals. The Ryan Firm has pioneered strategies to put the defendant on offense, rather than serving as the punching bag to the whims of the plaintiff.


The Ryan Firm is a boutique civil litigation firm providing excellence in real estate, business and financial services litigation in every state, federal and bankruptcy court in both California and Nevada.


Attorneys at The Ryan Firm include both seasoned litigators with significant trial experience and appellate advocates with unmatched records.



The Ryan Firm represents some of the world's largest financial institutions, banks, lenders, loan servicers, investors, real estate firms, businesses, property owners, and a variety of other individual clients.


2603 Main Street, Suite 1225
Irvine, California 92614

Ph 949.263.1800

Fax 949.872.2211

885 Tahoe Blvd, Suite A2

Incline Village, NV 89451

Ph 949.263.1800

Fax 949.872.2211

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