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When Your Lawyer’s Reputation Precedes It, Sometimes Litigation Isn’t Even Necessary!

As Sun Tsu once said, “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Let The Ryan Firm demonstrate that skill for you! Two recent matters demonstrate why there is no better choice than The Ryan Firm for post-foreclosure evictions. In both matters, the reputation of The Ryan Firm ensured immediate possession of the properties, without even filing a lawsuit. One was a multi-million dollar property high in the Hollywood Hills, the other was a beautiful home in Temecula. In both cases, after service of the Notice to Quit and aggressive communications regarding the inevitability of our client’s ultimate possession, the other side simply folded - sending us keys, and pictures of the property to show that they did not damage it prior to leaving. Our firm’s reputation amongst the unlawful detainer defense bar is sometimes that only weapon that you need to “subdue the enemy” and retake possession.

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