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Recent Triumphs

The Ryan Firm got a client out of a contract, and the other side paid our client's legal fees!

Our client immediately regretted signing a real estate sales agreement, we got him out of the contract, and the other side paid our client’s legal fees!

Our client felt pressured into accepting an offer on his family home. Immediately after agreeing to the sale, he wanted out. His real estate agent convinced him to send a heartfelt letter asking the buyers to let him out of the deal. The buyers refused. Our client came to our office – we rescinded the contract, and braced for litigation. The buyers sued to force our client to sell his home to them. Through discovery, we were able to show that our client was tricked into entering into the contract through false statements in the offer. Even though the buyers wired money into escrow prior to the close of the transaction, we were able to convince the arbitrator that our client could not be forced to complete that contract – entered into under false pretenses. The other side ended up also paying our client’s legal fees. A complete win! In house counsel at the escrow company later told to Mr. Ryan, “I can’t believe that you guys won that case – I don’t know any other attorneys who would have won that case!” Our client simply said, “I truly believe that you are the only firm that could have made this happen for my family! You, and Mike and your team are extremely special to me.”

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