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Sued as a Private Mortgage Investor – Let The Ryan Firm Protect You!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

One of The Ryan Firm’s most recent success stories involves representing nine individual investors against the private lender who invested their funds in a property that was foreclosed upon (allegedly) improperly. The private lender tried unsuccessfully to rescind the foreclosure and two post-foreclosure bidders sued, leading to a tangled and expensive litigation web that will likely wind its way through the appellate courts for years. Over fifty other investors in this loan were represented by the same counsel as the private lender and are stuck in this litigation. Tim Ryan immediately worked to create pressure for the private lender to settle with The Ryan Firm’s investor clients.

Rather than stand and fight a years-long battle alongside the private lender, The Ryan Firm sued the private lender for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, elder abuse, and other claims – while simultaneously threatening to attach all the private lender’s assets. While the investors who did not choose The Ryan Firm are still locked in a years’ long battle, The Ryan Firm through its aggressive countersuit obtained a settlement from the private lender for 100 percent principal recovery plus attorney’s fees! This recovery to The Ryan Firm’s clients exceeded what the investment agreements would have allowed its clients – by a significant margin. At the same time, The Ryan Firm negotiated with the other suing parties to agree that no other parties would sue The Ryan Firm investors – and obtained a court order to that effect. The individual investors who chose The Ryan Firm have already received back their money and are deploying it for their benefit – and are completely free of this expensive litigation. The investors who did not choose The Ryan Firm are years (and likely significant attorney’s fees) away from seeing any returned funds – if any funds are eventually returned.

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