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Timothy M. Ryan

Founding Shareholder & President

Timothy M. Ryan started The Ryan Firm, APC in 2004 to address what he saw as a vacancy in the marketplace – a firm dedicated to real estate and lending litigation that was not affiliated with a foreclosure trustee. Since its inception, The Ryan Firm has been a smashing success – infused with Mr. Ryan’s passion for the firm’s clients and for the law - and representing some of the world’s largest lenders and loan servicers. The Ryan Firm also represents individual investors, specialty loan servicers, businesspeople, foreclosure companies, and others who find themselves in hard-fought litigation.  


From the boom-times of 2004, to the crash of 2008, to the foreclosure restrictions of 2011-2013, to the increasing constraints placed on banks, loan servicers and landlords today, Mr. Ryan and his firm have been at the forefront of the never-ending attempts to erode the rights of the firm’s clients. Mr. Ryan is not a “settlement litigator.” He is an attorney who is comfortable in the most uncomfortable places: litigating motions in difficult venues, taking the unpopular but legally correct position at the appellate court, and standing in front of twelve citizens explaining to them that financial institutions not only have rights, but are an essential part of a functioning society. But if a client does not want to risk trial, Mr. Ryan regularly settles seemingly impossible-to-settle cases. One of the firm’s clients Richard Morris, a forty-year real estate attorney and CEO of a high end residential development company, perhaps put it best when he described Tim thusly:


"Tim is a beast – the absolute best trial lawyer and litigator I have ever seen. He is passionate, brilliant, extremely hard working, articulate, measured, aggressive, fearless, terrific on his feet, honest, truthful, hard hitting, highly respected by jurists and opposing counsel and extremely effective. Whatever it takes, I can guarantee Tim and his team will get the job done for you. You’ll love him and his firm." 


When Mr. Ryan is not busy strategizing with his team, trying cases, or preparing to do so, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 35 years, sailing, surfing, racing bicycles, traveling, and learning Italian. 


Tim welcomes Andrew and Rosty to their new positions. They have both worked incredibly hard to achieve them!

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